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Lightroom 2 Video – Installing Presets and Schönbrunn Palace

Posted by profiphotos on October 16, 2008

Palace Schönbrunn in Vienna, Austria

Palace Schönbrunn in Vienna, Austria

I’ve been busy at profiPhotos and have recently released a new Lightroom 2 video.  Earlier this month, I posted a new photo gallery featuring the beautiful Palace Schönbrunn and surrounding gardens in Vienna. Naturally, the photo gallery was worked on in Lightroom and I’ve released another set of presets that were used in the making of the gallery.

Privy Garden at Schönbrunn

The full story and gallery can be enjoyed on the main site.  Click into my About page on this site and follow the link back to the main site.

The newest video is a short one (3:27 mins) and is about installing Lightroom presets, organizing them and of course a quick how-to on backing up all your presets in Lightroom.  By the end of this month another Lightroom video will be released where I’ll be exploring the fine art of working with keywords.  Often over looked as a valuable search mechanism, this in-depth video will show the various ways to manage your keywords in Lightroom, and let you decide which one works best for you.  The video will end with a segment showing a “speed” work flow we’ve developed to get the job done quickly.  That way you’ll be able to get back to doing the thing we all love – taking photos.

Oh yeah, I’d really love to hear your comments – just take a moment and share your thoughts!

New Lightroom 2 Video

Until next time, take care,

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A New Look: profiPhotos gets a Face Lift

Posted by profiphotos on September 4, 2008

A much needed update to the user experience at is now live.

A much needed update to the user experience at is now live.

Hello again, it’s great to be back here in the Lounge after spending a number of very busy days preparing for the re-launch of our Main Site.  Anyone who has visited our site knows that we’ve quickly outgrown the old site. (it was launched little more than 4 months ago)

We’ve had growing pains of course.  We had a major problem with our bilingual plug-in that was stopping some folks from even visiting the site.  We worked with the plug-in developer to resolve that issue – and now it’s fixed.   Other users, who were using Internet Explorer 6, had display problems and were having difficulty navigating the site – that’s also been fixed.  The site NOW works with Internet Explorer versions 6, 7 and 8, Firefox 2 & 3, Opera, Safari (including the new Chrome browser from Google) and others.

We'll be bringing one gallery after another online here in this reserved spot.


I had no idea our Site was going to become as popular as it has – mostly in response to our releasing our first set of how-to videos!   You can be sure we’re busy planning a follow up series of videos on tips & tricks in Lightroom 2.  And that’s where we had some issues.  The site was simply TOO NARROW to support the wide screen videos and our dynamic photo galleries.  So, we’ve released a FULL SCREEN version of the site that provides us with much needed room for growth.

And grow we will.  First off, we’re bring all the videos back into the main site, we’re consolidating all of our photo galleries on one page.  Here you’ll see a description of the gallery, thumbnail and the option to view a flash gallery or normal slide show.  We’re also setting up a page where you can download our most popular photos as wallpaper in sizes to accomodate the most popular screen resolutions.

So have a look around, and if inclined, drop us a note or send us your ideas. There’s a new comments feature available from the About page.  At any rate, look for exciting new developments in the next few weeks!

Visit us here:  profiPhotos News

Bye for now.

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Lightroom 2: Video from profiPhotos – Adjustment Brush

Posted by profiphotos on August 8, 2008

Well we finally pulled it off – not one, but two new videos covering the new Adjustment brush in Lightroom 2. Despite holidays, the English and German language versions are now online available for viewing and/or download.

We’ve taken an in-depth look at the adjustment brush and covered off important topics like;

  • Multiple layered adjustments
  • Using the “O” key to toggle mask view mode
  • Changing the mask colour with Shift-O
  • Using the ALT key to toggle mask paint/erase mode
  • Creating snapshots at various stages of your retouch work flow

I hope everyone can enjoy one or perhaps both videos – they’re equally interesting and different. Now we’re off on our new assignment in Austria where we’ll be photographing the Alps and the beautiful city of Vienna. A new photo gallery is sure to be in the mix upon our return.

In the meantime enjoy. The direct links are below.

English Version

Direct Link to Video

German Version

Direct Link to Video

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