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Having a problem with Music in Google Lively room

Posted by profiphotos on July 11, 2008

Hi all,
Today I’m just going to be rambling a bit but one thing does concern me. Yesterday, I tried uploading some music for the Lively room I’m hosting at Google Lively but as of today it still is not working. I read the message about it taking some time to convert my uploaded files to the correct format … but after almost 24 hours it should be working. Anyone who has done this feel free to chime in. Anyhow, I am determined to get this working so I guess it’s off to Google to read through the help docs.

The room is coming along nicely although it is a lot of work to fill 5 rooms with photos (although I have enough really nice photos to fill 20) ;-). Ok, I know Rome wasn’t built in a day and apparently this room won’t be either. I am still having loads of fun doing it though and will officially invite everyone to check the room out when it’s finished.


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Google’s Lively: Created a Gallery Room @ Lively

Posted by profiphotos on July 10, 2008

Ok here’s the room. I’m still decorating so please don’t trip over anything.

Your Guide @ profiPhotos Gallery

Your Guide @ profiPhotos Gallery

Meet Julianne @ profiPhotos Gallery on Google’s “Lively”

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Gravatars: New at profiPhotos News and Lightroom Intro

Posted by profiphotos on July 9, 2008

Ok. I just wanted to quickly write down a couple of ideas I had fro my next two blog articles. First, I want to enhance the comments section in my main blog site to make use of the advanced tinymce editor so that users can pretty up their comments. In addition, I want to add Gravatars to the comments area so that the comments become a little more personalized.

Completed Article: Gravatars: Step towards a friendly Community

Second article for this week will be on an Introduction to Lightroom. Every serious photographer out there should be using this program to catalog and edit their photos. This will be the first in a long series of articles each describing another useful feature of this remarkable software package.

Completed Article: Lightroom: Professional Photo Management

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